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We are CINT helthcare.We provide eHealthcare services to the rural areas across india where people are not much aware with the healthcare issues.Our eHealthcare platform is a cost effective approach compared to any other solution due to our new innovative way of treat and manage large populations by:

Preventive Care

Remote Care possibilities

Detecting Signs of Deterioration early

Analysis of the patient status in real time

Continuous Health and Wellness Monitoring

Surveying Populations and Trends using Big Data Analysis

Comprehensive and effective localized algorithms drive this scalable platform

Integration of data from the remote station to the Central Medical Center in time

Scheduling treatment according to automatically and algorithmically generated priorities.

Minimizing hospital visits but being able to quickly detect situations when hospitalization is essential


Proposed Platform provides a complete trunkey eHealthcare solution and can be easily deployed at the municipal health centeres and will connect them to a centeral call centre to maximize the efficiency of operations and enable a Doctor to service multiple patients in multiple remote locations simultaneously.By using eHealthcare technology,a comprehensive end-to-end remote health platform,telecommunications and patiented medical devices the patients spend less time in recovery and more time enjoying a healthy life.This also means lesser crowds at the health centres.Nearly two decades of research and development lead to the development of a user-friendly and comprehensive remote healthcare platform.eHealthcare manages the remote call center equipped with dashboards,templates,alarms,medical records consolidation,video conference between patients and staff as well as amongst the staff themselves,medication management and much more.



CINT offers a complete range of security products and solutions. Our extensive product portfolio includes video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire detection, scanners, barriers, gate automation, access control and as well as Data center security and BMS. In the never-ending pursuit of achieving 100-percent satisfaction for its customers, CINT supports its customers with understanding, designing and implementation of highly complex projects.


CINT’s foray into the education sector has been in orientation with the ongoing reforms of government like ‘Skill India’ initiatives to address the growing needs of the country pertaining to education and skill development.We believe that while the lack of efficiency is becoming a major problem, it is the principles of sustainable development that represent growth opportunities and differentiation.

Information Technology

CINT is a complete solution provider for all your IT requirements. We work with organizations to meet their IT needs.We provide a complete range of services in initial consultation, design, implementation and maintenance. This frees our customers from hassles of handling multiple contractors and having the concern that the solution will meet their needs.


CINT is a known leader in the design, development and integration of security equipment and supporting hardware and software solutions since its inception in 1992. With a long and prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, CINT has become the most sought after product supplier in the industry. Convergence was initially founded as a group of companies providing various services to embassies. Over the years it has evolved as a key provider in the field of security and software solutions and is now known as C I Network Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

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